A Common Courtesy


The other day I was playing outside with my son.  He came running toward me real fast and as always I catch him and throw him in my arms, but this time I smelled something real bad.  I thought that maybe he had an accident and I asked him and if he had and he answered me “No!” After a more careful examination I found that he had stepped in a pile of dog poop.


Now mind you I don’t even own a dog and I was just playing with my child in the front yard of our house when this all occurred.  “How irritating this is” I thought to myself and proceeded to take him to the water faucet and clean him off.  Then I began to think of the reasons for me not owning a dog (responsibilities, vet bills, diseases, smell, etc.) and this was one of them.  I have no problem with my neighbors who own them with the exception that if it barks loud all night long and keeps me awake.


After this incident with my son I decided to monitor my yard a little bit more closely. I notice that some of my neighbors would walk as far away as 2-3 blocks so that their dogs can do their business in their neighbor’s yards – without picking it up! I also noticed that some of my neighbors walked their dogs and carry bags with them to pick up their dog’s poop. My hats go off to those neighbors and their respect to our neighbor’s yard and the neighborhood.


Then there are those who wander around looking for a place for their dog to make their business and then walk off without thinking whether that person has an infant, child or elderly person who may live there and likes to get out and enjoy their own yard. Or better yet, go driving by one of our lakes, stop to see the beauty and only notice a big pile of dog poop there instead.


Granted, some of you may have landscape companies who cut your grass and weed your flower beds and then there are some of us who like working in our own yards.  The inconvenience of  walking around your own yard (like walking in a mine field) and trying to do yard work is ridiculous. I even mention this to a neighbor once and his response was “Oh, it’s such a little dog; it only leaves a little turd.” You know, he was right, but all dog "turds" big or small smell the same. I’m sorry but I have a ZERO tolerance for dogs doing their business in my yard.


Let’s ask a few questions here.  Why do they do this?  Do they not have a backyard to let their dogs go into and do their business?  Maybe they don’t like the smell of it or don’t want to step in it themselves. Maybe they don’t have a backyard because of a pool, pond, or a rock garden. Then may I suggest the common grounds where there is walkways and trails.  Another good suggestion would be that you carry a bag around with you and pickup the mess too!  Come on people this is a common courtesy.  Have some respect towards your neighbors and neighborhood... I do!


...from a homeowner who likes to work in thier yard.